Just Like Riding a Bike: Startling Similarities between Motorsports and Gambling

Have you ever been told that “if you like high speed motorsports, you’ll like gambling”? If you have, welcome to the club. If you haven’t, today’s discussion should be an interesting read for you. For clarification, let’s have static definitions for both.

What is Motorsports?

This refers to any sport that has the use of any motorized vehicles like cars or motorcycles. The most popular types of motorsports are the Formula 1 and Moto GP races that are done on a national and international level for some countries.

What is Gambling?

Gambling, by the strict definition of it, is the activity of putting up something of value for the chance of obtaining something of greater value—depending on the result of a game or an event. There are a lot of different forms of gambling in the world. There are electronic games, card games, and even sports-betting. Each has their own sets of rules and determiners to see which one obtains the goal.

So now that we have carefully clarified the definition of both, the question shifts.

How Are the Two Similar?

We gave it a bit of thought and we wanted to see if there was any actual truth to this. As it turns out the two do carry several similarities. Here are a few:

Considered to be activities for the affluent

A common belief about gambling and motorsports is that one needed to be independently wealthy in order to dabble in it. The people that are drivers or those that get on the bikes consider that to be their bread and butter—but only if they win. In the meantime, they need to have other sources of income. So if you are constantly worrying about your finances, you will not be a good fit for motorsports.

On the other hand, gambling is only for those that have extra funds. With the way the world is today, everyone pretty much needs to tighten the belt a bit. However, casinos, gambling halls, and even online gambling websites do not run out of patrons. This should imply that there are people who have the financial capability to answer their monthly responsibilities and be able to gamble.

Needs luck, skill, and timing—all at once

The world of gambling and motorsports will involve activities that will put your fortunes on the line. In gambling, it’ll be your literal monetary fortune while in motorsports it can refer to your physical health and prize money.

There are activities that run on luck, or skill, or timing individually. It is gambling and motorsports that use all three simultaneously. You can be skillful but still be unlucky after all.

Bottom Line

Gambling and motorsports have their ups and downs. They are both quite exhilarating to watch and even better to be a part of. We don’t really blame people for seeing similarities between the two. Do you see a similarity between gambling and motorsports?

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