Yamaha Hiccups: Why Valentino Rossi Still Has Concerns

When winning or losing is reliant upon the machine that you use, wouldn’t it be super important to be confident in it? This is exactly what is on Valentino Rossi’s mind. It was early last month that he released a statement saying that he was not that optimistic about the Qatar Grand Prix if was going to keep having issues with his machine.

He lays the blame on the electronic issues that the bike seems to be having constantly. When you are aiming for the top spot, consistent good performance is indeed necessary. So it is indeed troubling when the performance results vary per test run.

For those who may not be aware, Valentino Rossi is a well-known Grand Prix motorcycle racer. He is following in his father’s footsteps. Under Rossi’s belt are at least nine GP World Championships—so yes, he will know what he is talking about when it comes to performance.

Another one of Rossi’s concerns is the issues with acceleration. Speed can be everything in the last few miles of a race. The little burst of speed can mean the difference between winning by a minute and losing by mile. When you are as highly decorated as Rossi is, we understand where his frustration is coming from. Moto GP is a partnership between man and machine. If the man cannot seem to fully trust the machine to perform as needed, it’s a crapshoot.

Rossi has exclaimed that the inconsistency of the performance of his bike makes him feel like he’s playing cards—you don’t really know what hand you are dealt for that day. It is said that the problems also lie with the M1’s chassis. Rossi has said that any fixes will probably take around several months—which is highly problematic (as you can imagine).

Bottom Line

With the 2018 Moto GP season coming in soon, we certainly hope that he gets his ducks in a row. It would be highly unfortunate if Yamaha GP will continue to have problems since it will impact the brand. Moto GP has always been the testing ground for motorcycle engines, designs, and performance. If the driver of the team says that he’s not confident in the machine that is supposed to carry him and the brand past the finish line.

We wholeheartedly wish that things work out well for Rossi and his team. We’re expecting great things from Yamaha GP and their performance this year. More Formula 1 betting sites you willl find here.

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