Supporting Your Own: Why Local Moto GP Teams Need Your Love

Everyone needs support. Fledgling local teams, even more so! Today, we want to give a bit of love toward the local Moto GP teams everywhere. While you would be surprised given the term ‘GP’ usually refers to the grand prix. However, the term is actually used toward any team that is aiming to compete in any motorcycle racing competition.

So it does not actually have to be the ‘big’ GP to fall under that category. So let’s get down to business. Why do local Moto GP teams need your love?

They Often Lack Funding

Local teams are often funded by moms and pops. However, even that has strict limits. One of the biggest tropes in TV and movies is the struggling local team that has the talent but has no funds to enter the big competition. This is a popular trope because it is often grounded in fact.

There are a lot of local teams all across the USA that are struggling to make it to the next big competition. Motorcycles cost money—so does gas, parts, training, and track time. So you can imagine that smaller teams that do not get backing end up kicking the bucket.

You Can Help the Next Big Star

Just because there is very little funding and local teams are relative unknowns does not imply that they are lacking in talent. Some of the very best drivers that the international Moto GP scene has to offer started as unknown talent.

They are where they are because someone took a chance on them and helped to get them to the stage that they are at now. You never know when one of those unknowns ends up to be the next big star of the Moto GP world.

You’ll be helping Out Your Community

Moto GP teams, whenever they name a certain place their home base, generates income for the community—at least, they’re supposed to. Like we mentioned, teams need access to gas, a place to practice, parts, and a plethora of other things that can prove to be a source of income for a lot of small businesses in the general area.

When you help a local Moto GP team, you help them empower local businesses. When your local businesses get stronger, your overall economy grows stronger.

Bottom Line

When you support local, you will invariably affect the larger picture. Giving support to anything that is homegrown can seem like you aren’t doing anything to change the way things are but in reality, you are adding another drop into the big ocean of change.

Do you know of any local Moto GP teams in your area? How can you show your support?

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