More than Hype: Life Lessons You Can Learn From F1

Every moment in our life is a teachable moment. The beautiful thing is that this does not only relate to our own waking lives. This can refer to other people’s lives. We can use what other people go through to learn new things. In case you’re wondering what this has got to do with F1, don’t be too quick to dismiss it.

The best sorts of lessons are the ones that you learn from adversity (even if that adversity isn’t yours). F1 and all that come with it. With that being said, we want to take a look at some pretty important life lessons that anyone can pick up from watching F1.

Preparation is Key

Before a race, a driver and their team will do whatever they can to ensure that the vehicle and the driver are in tip-top shape. So they do regular checkups on the vehicle, do performance runs on the driver, and they study up on past performances. They also look into how the other teams performed during the big day.

Before a big race, there are weeks of crunch time preparation. The crew needs to make sure that they have everything that they may need on-hand. Do they have enough spare parts? Are there contingency plans for certain scenarios? There are checklists that need to be secured.

What does this teach us? Preparation is one of the key ingredients to a better chance of getting the results that you want.

You Keep Trying

No one is an immediate winner. Such fantastical events can happen but not likely. If there is anything that we pick up from F1 is that not everyone is a winner. However, just because you do not win does not mean that you give up.

It can be pretty frustrating and heartbreaking to not get what you want despite all the preparation that you’ve done. However, the best sorts of champions are the ones that crash and burn (sometimes literally) and try again at a later date.

You Need a Team to Make Things Happen

F1 racers are nothing without their pit crew, manager, and support staff. If you want a good chance of obtaining your goal, you need to surround yourself with quality people. These are people that understand that you have a goal and will do what they can to help you reach it.

In our everyday life, we will be tackling things like jobs and relationships. We need a team behind us (aka a good support group) to help us find our way when we get lost.

Bottom Line

You can pick up lessons from pretty much anywhere, if you look carefully. If you’re a big fan of F1 as we are, you will understand what we’re saying. There are great people in the world of F1 so you will not run out of people to learn from.

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