Of Bikers and Speedsters: Best Motorsports Athletes Ever

In the history of Moto GP, there have been quite a handful of individuals who have stood out in terms of skill, experience, and continued performance. We want to pay a bit of homage to them today. Please note that our list does not rank them in any particular order. We wrote them as they came to mind. Let’s begin!

Giacomo Agostini

image credit via Wikipedia

If you ever wanted to look at one of the greats in the premiere class of GP racing history, you look up Giacomo Agostini. His record is unassailable with over 121 GP wins and over 14 championships to his name. One of his more popular quotes is: “I was born to race”. Given his stellar performance and achievements, we are highly inclined to believe him. Wouldn’t you?

Mike Haliwood

image credit via The Independent

The British have their fair share of amazing riders. This man was one of them. Known affectionately as “Mike the Bike”, he was a legend that was incredible to see live. He dominated the tracks back when he was an active participant. He won about four of the premium class runs. In total, he has around nine championships under his name. What is particularly fascinating about this man is he even tried out his hand at Formula 1 racing—of course; this endeared him to us even more. He is sorely missed.

Kenny Roberts

Image credit via AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame

This person is known to be one of the youngest people to ever win the Moto GP premiere class on his very first year. If there was ever a single person to greatly affect the style in which riding a bike was done in a professional stage, it was this man. He was the very first person to introduce the concept of banking on a curve. He is the one person we have to thank for introducing the sweet feeling of shaving your knee pucks. People realized that his style let him hug corners tighter and therefore faster. It certainly blew the collective minds of teams when he introduced this style to the world.

Bottom Line

Mind you, these are based off our own findings and biases so you may not necessarily agree on our choices. There are other lists out there that have their own choices for the best GP racers out there. However, we encourage you to be open minded and you’re welcome to share your thoughts on who should be on this article and why. You can also bet on these Racinngs. The best motor racing betting sites you can find here: Our Tip – have a look for this betway sports review.

That said, who would you add to this list if you could?

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