Hello everyone and welcome to FF1.

We are an online publication that focuses on the topics of Formula One and Moto GP. We believe that these exhilarating sports need more spotlight and discussions. What sets us apart is that we are tackling it all from the point of view of the home spectator.

For the longest time, there has been much emphasis on the point of view of an active on-site spectator and the brands that are involved with the races themselves. We are taking it a bit further by not just focusing on those sources. We are going to be writing our articles with the home viewers in mind. After all, it is the home viewers that keep the sport in the air. It is through their support that speed enthusiasts get to do what they do.

Behind this publication is a group of individuals who are big fans of the sport. We have had our share of on-site and home viewing and we realized that there was a whole market for thoughtful racing discussions had on the home front. That said, we want to bring those discussions to you.

If there is anything that you believe should be discussed, let us know and we would love to include your thoughts in future articles.